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Yet their numbers are such that a few more find his flesh, and blood is running down Vilmos' back and limbs.

It meant that the dreaded Vilkolakiai would soon be on the prowl. "Sir Janos and his men have been doing what they can to protect the village but they are just too few in number. The precocious twelve-year-old quickly pointed to the back of the room toward a towering figure half-hidden by shadows. But even a glimmer of hope was better than no hope at all, so they gave him their undivided attention. Vilmos unfurls his arms, lays one massive hand gently on Lyani's small shoulder for a moment, and strides purposefully toward the doors, motioning for Sir Janos to listen to him. They can sense something more than mortal about him, and his weapon. My ears heard tell that a pack of fearsome DIRE wolves dared trespass upon my fields, but all my eyes can see here are a herd of mangy runt DOGS!

Vilmos unfurls his arms and steps forth, addressing the villagers. Vilmos Bernt." He takes a slow step toward Baronesă Lyani. "Barricade this hall and tell the men in the northwest to hold the wolves but stay on the defensive, don't take unnecessary risks, fall back to a defensible place if they need to. Vilmos holds Fnyeskard out to one side and strides into the middle of the fields, grinning at the wolves as they surround him. " He laughs and sweeps the glaive above his head in a circle, coming to a guard stance with both hands upon the haft, ready to strike. " The air fills with barking howls as the wolves charge.

Sir Janos, her loyal captain, stayed close by her side. Vilmos folds his arms and inclines his head toward Baronesă Lyani, the hint of a smile in his eyes as he meets the gaze of the brave young girl. And a Vilkolakis alpha in war-form was spotted with them. Toward the distant treeline, a host of red eyes blinked from out of the darkness.

She was perched atop an overturned box so that she could be seen by all despite her diminutive height. We cannot stand against such a formidable creature." With furrowed brows, Lady Lyani bit down on her lower lip as she furiously grasped for a solution. And at first, there was a single piercing howl, then another and another, followed by a chilling chorus that echoed across the eerily-empty field.

They hesitate, but another figure emerges from the cover of the trees, with a deep low growl. The Vilolakis howls and the dire wolves leap as one upon Vilmos, but he meets them all with fearsome swift circles of shimmering steel.

This one is upright, and steel flashes in the moonlight. Vilmos pins the last of the wolves to the ground with the butt of his glaive as the Vilolakis descends upon him in fiendish fury, towering a full head above the Raktine's height and weilding a black iron battle axe with ferocious speed.

hitta-bisexuella-tjejer hitta bisexuella tjejer, :))), anledningar-att-dejta-en-dansare anledningar att dejta en dansare, jpuay, första-dejten-samtalsämne första dejten samtalsämne, 8-[[,

träffa-annan-boll-på-green träffa annan boll på green, :-))),

Village Hall, Drenkova Moonrise, Waterday A susurrus of excited whispering swept through the gathered villagers like a stiff wind blowing through a field of wheat.


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