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From redwork embroidery to big stitch needlepoint to crewel kits to beginner cross stitch kits, you can find the perfect needlework project for you.You can also shop our large collection of needlepoints kits by theme - perfect for finding wedding cross stitch projects, baby cross stitch patterns or a stunning nature scene.With a direct remote connection, I can then turn record on or off as I see fit in order to save the media space that is utilized by the high data rate of the Ultra-high rez of the Epic camera.

The picture is bright and clear, and there was absolutely NO LAG TIME, whether browsing the internet, watching videos on You Tube, or watching movies on Netflix. So seriously, folks, if you are considering a wireless HDMI setup, THIS IS IT!! So don't let all the other reviews about "poor quality", or "not a true uncompressed signal" fool you - I don't know what system they're using or what they're expecting this unit to do (perhaps restore crappy analog quality to a digital clearness?! Now I can set my laptop up all the way across the room (24 feet away for my place) and have DVD-quality video on my TV without running the lanky wires! I was able to get a field monitor with usb power to connect to the receiver and my brother soldered a usb power socket into my switronix v-mount plate (turns out the plate already had the hole for a USB socket).

We'll probably buy another of these if we can use 1 transmitter and 2 receivers together. - I bought this product through Amazon for use with an Epic X camera that has an HDMI port.

I was planning to buy a much more expensive set of these, but just couldn't afford it.

Luckily I came across the Nyrius ARIES Pro, which is just as good as the much more expensive brand.

Highly recommended."Read the Full Review Great product that worked well with minimal/zero intervention for 2 yrs with receiver stuck to back of led tv without being switched.

Repeat buy for office in Singapore and great help from whitney at customer service.

I would buy a second set if two could be used in close proximity. - I do not usually write reviews, but I had to chime in on this cool little gadget.

I use it in a multicam setup centered around Blackmagic Design ATEM Television Studio. Regardless of what other reviewers have posted about whether or not this broadcasts a "truly uncompressed" signal doesn't really matter much if you are a simple home or business user that simply needs your laptop screen to be broadcasted to a TV screen with HDMI input.

I'm testing in a non-air conditioned environment during the middle of summer in West Texas, so I'm guessing this won't be an issue since there were none during the test.

I've only done short distance use so far so I cannot attest to the 160 foot line-of-sight range advertised.

There my laptop screen showed up, bright and crystal clear! - We have the NPCS550 running wireless 1080p video from the back of our Red Epic to a field monitor for crew to see what the camera is seeing.

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