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, go shopping and buy “pretty much all the same clothes,” and split bottles and count money with Jay Z at the top of the Palms casino (at least, that’s how they tell it).As of this week, they’re also the kind of friends who simultaneously sell TV pilots.

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Well, today’s guest has done all of the above and he’s got a relationship story to tell too. Well, today’s guest has done all of the above and he’s got a relationship story to tell, too. These relationships can be entourages, a spouse or a manager and that’s where today’s guest can easily be interjected. If you’re a boxing fan over the age of 40 like me, you undoubtedly know him. Or was it she just happened to get pregnant and you guys got married after?

Many of us dream of earning millions of dollars, driving fancy cars, taking care of family and friends and having the relationships that support us as we earn a living. When the word gets out at school, when the word gets out in the community that you’re the man with your hands, the women come.

However, on May 4, Drake was spotted at Disneyland with Banks, who split from her boyfriend of three years John Utendahl in December.

Drake and Banks were snapped laughing hard as they got frozen yogurt.

While Drake wore a blue Adidas jacket, Banks looks uncharacteristically dressed down in jeans and a grey T-shirt, with very little makeup.

The pair were also seen laughing on a roller coaster, reports Hollywood Life.

He’s none other than the one and only Riddick Big Daddy Bowe. I had to say something to him about it and from that point forward, we began to argue. Frank: And you said that boxing basically had a positive affect on your school work. I think it really saved my life, because if it wasn’t for boxing I would’ve been on the street with all the other guys and probably got into a whole lot trouble.

Welcome to the show champ, it’s an absolute pleasure– Riddick: *(inaudible) Frank: It’s a pleasure to have you. Basically, it turned into a little fight or what have you, but *[I got the] the better the deal and when it was all said and done with, the teacher said, “Hey man, *(inaudible) with your hand. *[Snatching a pile of books] and *[rob them too] because I was at the age I was very impressionable, so it was good that I went to the gym because I met guys like Mark Briggs. For whatever reason, the *(inaudible) didn’t like Americans.

There are equal numbers of rags-to-riches-to-rags stories. You know, I went without my father, so I didn’t want my kids to feel the way I felt. Frank: So, speaking of the ladies, there’s no doubt that boxers, especially talented prize fighters like yourself have no problem getting the ladies at some point. Riddick: Especially when you’re pretty like I am, you know what I mean?

But the wearing of the heavyweight champion crown didn’t last forever.

Riddick: Well I guess Rock Newman had *(inaudible) Butch Lewis’ throne key, so if Butch needed something I would go get it in the rope, what case may be. I said, “Wow,” and no one had kicked me in the butt since I was maybe eight, nine years old. It was my first marriage and I thought I had a good girl, but she had game with her and we got married, because she said she had a child, a little boy and she named him Riddick, Jr., but as time goes we had another baby and we named that baby, Radisha. Gayle: And this is after how long you guys were married?


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