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The website boasts more than 800,000 users from 190 countries and first launched in Denmark 2002, before spreading to the US and UK in 2005.A statement from Beautiful claims it does not attempt to define beauty but “simply gives an accurate representation of what society's ideal of beauty as decided by the members”.The administrators of this beautiful people dating site dedicate their lives to ensuring that the members find a more or less perfect match.

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Beautiful holds events regularly for their members in various cities across the world.

Members have to look as attractive as their dating profiles to gain entry into the events.

The site is also offering advice from “beauty mentors” on how to get back up to the standard.“Letting unattractive people populate the site would compromise the very concept for which Beautiful was founded,” Mr Hodge said.“If their looks aren't up to our members’ exacting standards and they do not secure a majority of positive votes, then their profiles are immediately removed.”Anyone who is found to be failing to maintain their looks is put back through the rating system, where members of the opposite sex only can select options including "yes, definitely", "hmm yes, ok", "no, not really" and "no, definitely not" based on photographs and a brief profile.

Most of the users removed from the site were from the US but more than 550 from the UK also got the chop.

Through their peer selection community, each member who signs up has an assurance of finding an attractive match.

The selection community removes the hurdles of filtering and sifting through thousands of profiles that are hardly appealing.A self-proclaimed “elite” dating website has removed around 3,000 members because they were "letting themselves go".Beautiful describes itself as the “largest internet dating community exclusively for the beautiful” and puts people’s photographs to a members’ vote to decide if they are allowed in.To uphold the integrity of the site's voting system, the administrators at the beautiful people dating site has introduced some precautions that ensure the beautiful people are who they say they are.They now have a mandatory authentication process where an applicant and members have to upload their latest photos holding up a piece of paper with the date and username clearly written on it.Their exclusive business model has elicited negative and positive reviews on mainstream media as well as on websites.

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