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It seems it had its 'golden age' of popularity around the turn of the century.

Last year saw a r...― If you ask “What makes Ufotable anime so unique?

Miyazaki Aoi began her acting career when she was only 4.

Today, she is one of Japan’s most acclaimed actresses.

Her claim to fame though was in the 2000 film, Eureka that she starred in with her brother Miyazaki Masaru and Yakusho Koji (Memoirs of a Geisha).

Despite being a ridiculously long art movie filmed in sepia (almost 4 hours) with sparse dialogue, I thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful scenes in the show when I watched it years ago.

Okada Junichi is super popular and a Johnny’s stalwart with V6, though his fans have had a few years to get used to him being taken as he has been dating popular actress Miyazaki Aoi since 2012.

That’s who he is purportedly marrying, though per the Johnny’s information dissemination fashion the marriage announcement did not reveal the identity of the bride.”, any anime fan or creator will likely point towards their digital compositing.Ufotable productions blend 3D backgrounds, elaborate VFX and 2D animation to create exciting scenes that impress f...― The High School Dx D franchise has become the current standard-setter for harem series, especially action-oriented ones with supernatural elements, so the appearance of imitators in that sphere is hardly a surpri...Despite its heroine's personal issues, My Boyfriend in Orange is an interesting romance where the love interest has a good reason to keep saving the day: it's all part of being a fireman! Inuyashiki Last Hero managed to adapt its entire source manga in just 11 episodes, but its twists and turns resulted in some divisive takes. The Sword Art Online give-away i...― Piotr asked: I am a big fan of space opera.We get into their own tumultuous feelings on the creator of Gantz's latest story.― Welp, we are officially a week and a half into 2018. And for years I've been wondering why this genre seems not to be animated much anymore?Zexal) Series Composition: Mayumi Morita ("Black Jack: Capital Transfer To Hei...


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