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Spinal Cure Ambassador, Sandra Sully gave a heartfelt and poignant talk about her involvement with spinal cord injury. Dr Bryce Vissel from the Garvan Institute inspired the guests with an update on spinal cord injury research.Dr Vissel is a member of our Scientific Panel and is a leading light in the hunt for a cure."That's why Maz hangs out at nightclubs most Saturday nights in short skirts and leg-warmers," chips in co-host James Kerley.

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Kerley, 27, grew up in Manly, the son of two high school teachers.

After completing a Bachelor of Media degree, he hosted the afternoon cartoon show on Nickelodeon for three years.

They usually occur when pulmonary capillary wedge pressure reaches 20-25 mm Hg.

Celebrities including Sandra Sully, Charlie Brown, Penne Dennison, Bonnie Lythgoe and songstress Mahalia Barnes and famous faces Dan and Marnie Ewing, James Kerley and Laura Dundovic, Timomatic and Didier Cohen joined sponsor OK Magazine and Spinal Cure supporters to watch the Academy Awards live on four enormous screens Rodger Corser took the microphone to the tables, interviewing Spinal Cure CEO Duncan Wallace and Chair and Founder, Joanna Knott.

On Saturdays, they present a weekly countdown of the most downloaded songs on i Tunes.

Nova's show trails 2Day's has the advantage of being Sydney-focused, with local callers.

Also enjoying the afternoon was long time Spinal Cure supporter Eileen “Red” Bond.

Eileen has long been a treasured supporter of Spinal Cure and SCI research in WA.

"One of them went North, two went to Tennessee and Kentucky, and one went to Texas. For some unknown reason, he disappeared and was never heard of since." If he disappeared and was never heard from since, how does she know he went to Texas? And then there is our own Uncle A new comer from Ireland was in Los Angeles.

The one who went to Texas was my grandfather, being the father of ) to Springfield. Other comments about the history of the KERLEY family reported by Ione KERLEY TAYLOR include these: When we moved out here [Hardeman County, Texas], we heard of a KERLEY family at Big Valley, near Chillicothe. He saw a KERLEY dental sign and called to see him, Adolphus [her brother].

"Before I got into media, I was always on the verge of being fired because I talked too much.


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