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As a new medical doctor she worked initially with young subjects in a psychiatric clinic and then with children classified as “mentally defective” students. At the turn of the century Maria Montessori, a thirty-year-old medical doctor, mothered her only child — outside of marriage.Today some 7000 schools worldwide call themselves Montessori schools.Again she enchanted the audience with her charisma and the conference adopted her proposal of equal pay for equal work.

She faced many challenges as the only female medical student in the school.

She was not permitted to work with cadavers in mixed company.

In July 1896 Maria Montessori became the first woman in Italy to receive a Doctorate of Medicine.

Two months later, in September 1896, Maria Montessori was invited to serve as a delegate for Italy at the International Congress for Women’s Rights in Berlin, Germany.

She had charmed and impressed her audience, which included her father who reluctantly attended after encouragement by a family friend.

This experience gave Alessandro a new insight into his daughter and turned his original displeasure into great pride.Maria Montessori researched special education and came upon the works of Jean Itard (1775-1838), who was famous for his work with the “Wild Boy of Aveyron” and the works of Itard’s student Edouard Séguin (1812-1880), who created physical and sensory activities to develop mental processes.Itard worked with the “wild boy”, a youth who was found living alone in the forest for about 10 years, and developed a methodical approach to teach the “wild boy”. This tool generate video download link to save Facebook videos online without any install required.Video download is available in two resolution wherever available i.e.Mathematics and science fascinated her, and after her traditional primary schooling Maria Montessori went on to a technical school to study engineering.


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