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“I just came home and found my wife murdered on the kitchen floor,” he said. He departed, stopping in Chinatown for fruit and at the Wawa near Penn for soda.

“Her head is cracked.” He talked to police freely, initially saying he last saw Ellen around a.m. Then he dropped off grades at the university and left for home around noon, discovering his wife on the kitchen floor.

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Was manslaughter the appropriate charge, or did he plot to kill his wife?

Meanwhile, Gary still fights for his sister — to establish what really happened to her, and to expose what he believes to be the true nature of his brother-in-law, the economist who gamed the legal system and won.

Rather than risk rotting in jail, Robb served just 10 years.

Now he lives in a Pittsburgh suburb — in a cluttered second-floor apartment in a cheerless building — and under a cloud of questions: To what extent did his brilliant mind factor into the crime and his favorable plea deal?

But employees at a Chinatown produce store he frequented didn’t recall him visiting that day, and the supposed break-in at his house looked fake. Castor had already viewed the crime scene photos, among the grisliest of his career.

Castor stood in the hallway, examining the broken rear door. Ellen’s face was unrecognizable, concave, creating a bowl of blood that obscured her features.Multiple lacerations cleaved her face — suggesting blows with a long, thin object.The most perplexing part of Robb’s initial call to police suddenly made sense.Ellen Gregory Robb was killed, Montgomery County District Attorney Bruce Castor visited the crime scene.Investigators had already zeroed in on Rafael Robb, who’d phoned the local police precinct rather than 911.Their father, a financial officer for an American company in Colombia, took his wife and three kids to live abroad. She worked her way through school at the College of Textiles & Science (now Philadelphia University) by nannying, among other jobs, and sent home her benefit checks from their father’s death.

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