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And the speculation about their relationship has persisted since.

After he was seen helping her get over her break up from banker Alex Loudon last year the pair were forced to deny they were an item, insisting they were 'just friends'. After studying geography at university, with a specialism in renewable energy, the energetic earl recently set up in business and is poised to drill the first commercial geothermal well in Country Durham.

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If you meet them and you flirt with them, you get a small boost in your relationship meter with them. If you neglect your date for some time however, they will break up with you.

You can gain relationship points by dating them at any location with a inside.

She waited so long to go because her family thought she was just a late bloomer and would experience her first period later than most girls.

When doctors revealed the news that she didn't have a uterus, she was left heartbroken and confused.

Amid the spotlight now being trained on gender inequity in Hollywood, the fact that Mark Wahlberg received an additional $1.5 million for reshoots, a sum not offered to his co-star Michelle Williams, has provoked outrage.

A 22-year-old woman born without a vagina hopes to have a life-changing surgery that would allow her to lose her virginity to her boyfriend.

Miss Moats said if she was unable to raise enough money for the surgery it would have a negative impact on her life.

She added: 'I do think it sucks that I can't do sexual things with Robbie even if I wanted too but that hasn't really been the focus of our relationship.'The only people that know about my condition is my family, a few relatives, Robbie and some friends.

Miss Moats said she was scared that they would reject her as a normal human and eventually break up with her if she did tell them.

Her sister Amanda took it upon herself to launch a Go Fund Me page to raise the ,000 (£11,590) required for the operation.

That's a daily struggle for me and I'm still trying to accept myself, accept what I have and not dwell on it.'For people that have MRKH, I'd tell them that you're not alone - even though you may feel alone.'To donate towards her surgery visit here.

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