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If you want to spend a little more, then brands such as Oilatum cream, Epaderm emollient, Hydromol Ointment and Cetraben cream (all under £5) are simple vegetable-based moisturisers used or recommended by most dermatologists.' Even Dr Lowe, who sells his own line of skincare products through Boots, is happy to endorse cheaper brands. 'I'm also a great lover of Clarins Flash Balm (£24.47) and Guerlain's Midnight Secret (£54.81).'Before I had my own line I used Nivea (£3.72) as a moisturiser,' he says. L'Oreal is quite reliable as well, and they are all under £10. My Super Charged SPF15 cream is £16.59 and has built-in sun protection up to the latest European Union standards.' Dr Sam Bunting, a dermatologist at the Whittington Hospital in North London and the Botonics clinic in Harley Street, swears by a few stand-by moisturisers and 'quick fix' creams to perk up her skin. 'I'm addicted to the Chanel Precision products such as Sublimage,' (£180) she says. It is light, which is important because it does not cause break-outs. Midnight Secret is a moisturiser that makes you look as if you've had eight hours sleep when you've had only four.First, he says, you need to focus on cleaning your skin without sapping away its natural moisture. I shower with moisturising gel Dermol 500 (£11.18).

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It goes without saying that a healthy lifestyle focused on lots of fruit, vegetables and nuts can only improve your looks.

As you would expect, exercise is great for improving skin tone, whereas smoking is just about the worst thing possible.

'I don't spend much on moisturiser,' says Dr Levell.

'A basic moisturiser such as an aqueous cream is as good as anything.

It is a nongreasy moisturiser that provides a layer of oil on the skin surface to prevent moisture evaporating from the skin.

A mix of emulsifying ointment containing paraffin oils, water and preservative, it can be used in place of soap.

And while keeping your skin fresh and clean is important, over-washing should be avoided, says Dr Nick Levell, consultant dermatologist at Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital. 'If you have dry skin then you shouldn't wash more than twice a week unless you're visibly dirty or smelly.

'If you have normal or oily skin you can get away with washing more often, especially if you cleanse with an aqueous cream moisturiser. The unbranded versions are just as good as the ones in the fancy packaging.' After cleansing, our dermatologists are unanimous in recommending and using moisturisers.

Look out for those that contain high levels of fruit acids, proteolytic enzymes and glycolic acid.

These chemically strip away the lifeless top layers of skin to reveal the fresher pinker ones beneath.

But the results will fade away after a few days, particularly if you don't protect and moisturise the newer softer skin as it emerges.


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