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Diana's wore a puff ball meringue wedding dress, with huge puffed sleeves and a frilly neckline.

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Cinderella manages to sneak away at the stroke of midnight due to a wardrobe malfunction, but leaves the Prince hanging for more at the expense of her glass slipper.

If you want to be more gracefully reminded that you have to leave your date at midnight, check out the Twist app to give yourself (and any crazy stepsisters waiting for you) a reminder of what time you will be arriving home. Beauty & the Beast “Don’t judge a book by its cover” – although quite self-explanatory for the Beast, the same can be applied to Belle.

The couple then faced the press to announce their engagement. Diana was the first British citizen to marry an heir to the British throne in 300 years. Two million spectators lined the procession from Clarence House.

When asked if they were marrying for love, Diana replied, "Of course." "Whatever love means," added the prince. Officiants of the traditional Church of England service wedding included the Archbishop of Canterbury and 25 other clerics. Another 750 million people watched the ceremony worldwide.

Without it, Ariel had to learn how to capture the attention & affection of Prince Eric, using her body language, eye contact, and genuine interest.

Romantic, one-on-one dates, like a boat ride through a lagoon with a singing crab in the background, or better yet a low-key summer festival in your local area (SF, LA, Chicago, & Boston, NY, DC are coming up soon!

By simply sprucing up your date outfit, you can make a strong fashion statement about the type of woman you are.

Check out Poshmark, mentioned in our latest post for recent college grads new to SF, the best app for shopping the closets of other women around the world – maybe you’ll find a ball-worthy gown for your next date!

They continued, “There have been rumours circulating for weeks that Brad has moved on with a new woman but no one was ready to see him hand-in-hand with royalty from Monaco.” It had been suggested the Hollywood A-lister has been dating the Royal – who is the granddaughter of late actress Grace Kelly – for more than a month after meeting through mutual friends.

The 31-year-old Charlotte has widely been regarded as a ‘young Angelina Jolie’ is sure to appeal to Brad, 53, as well.

The two allegedly made their public appearance as a couple last week as they attended a Los Angeles Country Museum of Art event together, the magazine further reported.


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