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“Norwich Free Academy once had a timekeeper who let his stopwatch go a little bit slower than it should have, allowed NFA to score the tying touchdown, and then he calls time.”So the game needed cleaning up, and legendary Yale football coach Walter Camp got the job done.

It was Camp who added the concept of downs, tackling, the scoring system and other stuff like rules. Coast Guard Academy football coach Jay Driscoll played defensive end for New London High School back in the mid-1970s.

Since 1875: New London - Norwich Let’s start with an easy one.

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Since 1882: Needham - Wellesley For that match-up, you have to head to suburban Boston, where the Wellesley Raiders and Needham Rockets have been squaring off on Thanksgiving Day since 1882.

Bill Tracey’s institutional memory doesn’t stretch back quite that far, but in his 37 years of coaching football at Wellesley, some games remain unforgettable.“2009 is a game that stands out for me.

And while it’s a day of nostalgia for alums, NFA team captain Gibson surely speaks for all high school teams playing on Thanksgiving when reflecting on what the day means to them.“We both could be having losing seasons but whoever wins that game, he won a season right there,” he said.

(born January 17, 1968) is an American football coach.

Still, that didn’t stop the NFA Wildcats or the New London Whalers from improvising during those early years.

Digging through the archives while writing a history of the rivalry, NFA grad Brian Girasoli, class of ‘94, discovered quite a few skeletons in the locker room."There was one year where a team used faculty members,” he said.Turned out it was a couple of kids from Needham High School pulling a prank.”And that’s not the first time the historic rivalry had to call a timeout.During the two World Wars, the series was halted because players from both schools had enlisted.And from 1950 to 1952, the game was cancelled when riots broke out between the opposing teams.So that’s a colorful, though not continuous Thanksgiving Day rivalry. Since 1887: Boston Latin - Boston English"The DNA of our sort of now-national pastime really did begin in Boston on Boston Common," said Richard Johnson, curator of the Boston Sports Museum.Latin, as Maneikis said, has dominated English since the 1960s.

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