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Hold one hand in the stream of water draining from the keg and, in most cases, the inside plug will drain out with the water.

This will give you the bung in three parts and it simply needs to reassembled to use again.

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If you reserve your keg online, however, your reservation MUST be in by 4 PM Thursday of the week you wish to get your keg.

If your reservation is received after the cutoff, unfortunately we will not be able to process it.

Half Time is recognized around the world by just about every beer enthusiast as “The Source to buy beer”.

Half Time has become the go to craft beer store both in Poughkeepsie, and now in Mamaroneck New York and the World’s #1 place to buy beer online.

While not perfect, these 5 liter kegs can provide an alternative to bottles for the home brewer who brews small batches, or the 5 gal.

Every year, supermarkets battle to see who can offer customers the cheapest deal on a range of items for the annual sales bonanza - which marks the first official day of the Christmas shopping season.

I then clean the inside of the keg by putting 1 tsp of BLC in the keg, fill it with hot water and let it sit at least an hour if not overnight.

The inside of the keg and all parts of the bung need to be sanitized before reusing.

The one thing to know in using this method is if all the pressure is released from the keg, the beer will go flat in a matter of 24 hours or maybe less, this makes the built in tap for occasions where you know the entire keg will be consumed in one sitting.

If this is not the case and you want to keep the beer carbonized for an extended period, there are several devices that will allow you to do this. First, the bung is made up of three parts: the rubber gasket, the pressure release tab and the inside plug.

The first and simplest is to use the tap built into the keg.


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