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'I know I hurt Colin and my sons terribly, and while they are supportive now, I will never know if they truly forgive me,' she says. I was just being honest and true to my feelings.' The question is: at what cost?

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After her husband Mark left her for another woman she eschewed relationships, preferring to concentrate on raising her children.

Then, when she was 36, she decided to retrain as a counsellor and, without warning, developed a 'huge crush' on her openly gay female tutor.

'Then one evening Emma said: "I've fallen in love with you",' Lynn recalls. ‘But within a few days I realised I had feelings for her and I started to fall passionately in love.' Bound up in the tumult of her own emotions, Lynn left Colin to raise their two adolescent boys alone so she could pursue her affair with Emma.

Small wonder Colin says now: 'I can only describe her actions then as incredibly selfish, because she put herself and her feelings first.

‘Sex wasn't fantastic but I just put it down to the fact that like many mothers of young children, I was usually shattered.' Indeed, she quickly met and married Daniel, who managed a chain of restaurants, and soon became pregnant with her youngest daughter.

Within two years, at the age of 27, Beverli was a divorcee for the second time, and attributed the break-up to the stresses caused by her burgeoning career as a City business analyst and the fact she earned far more than her husband.The couple realised their mutual attraction and ended up kissing.As Beverli recalls: 'The thrill of it took my breath away.' Their subsequent year-long affair was the prelude to a series of other liaisons over seven years, during which Beverli - anxious not to jeopardise her happy relationship with her children - kept her sexuality secret.'Overnight I was left on my own with two impressionable young boys, who were totally bewildered and terribly upset, having to explain where their mother was.' Lynn, now 53 and living in Rugby, Warwickshire, is full of regret for what happened.Ironically, her relationship with Emma lasted just 18 months and she has failed to find lasting love since.While for many women 'coming out' is a liberating and ultimately fulfilling experience, for others there can be irrevocable damage to their family relationships. When she fell in love with another woman and walked out on her husband, the impact on her family life was calamitous.


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